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At Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala, our steady commitment is to direct and illuminate individuals, particularly our students to lead a peacefull life. We offer Yoga session courses and furthermore different seminars on Ayurveda. With different kriyas, and panchakarma rehearses, we assist our students with learning and become amazing at purging the body, which could prompt a more clear perspective and impact in a better living of life. Ayurveda course offers a concise presentation into Ayurveda, its reasoning and history, its inheritance in controlling different actual infirmities and its impacts on the human body framework while offering an infection free life.

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Ancient Ayurveda

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We Proudly give best quality, thorough our ayurveda centre to the participants and the Paitents.
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    We follow Ancient Traditional Yoga of The Himalayas.

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    We are situated in a tranquil, quiet, and lovely spot in Rishikesh.

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    we are arranged on the bank of the Ganga River.

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    The wilderness is simply behind our centre intently.

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    For all practices and hypothesis, we have 14+ experienced educators

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    we offer around 15 unique significant courses.

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    Our preparation depends on profound practices.

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    Ayurveda, Panchkarma(detox) and special Kerala Therapies is our primary expertise to conscious the inert energy of our students.

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    Vedic Astrology is one of the most amazing course we offer.

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Integration of Yoga with Ayurveda

We likewise acquaint our students with human physiology and interior frameworks. We help in clarifying our students about various plants and their therapeutic properties and deal a functional show of Ayurvedic ceremonies, kriyas and panchakarma. We help in causing our students to gain proficiency with the Ayurveda essentials and extend their insight and comprehension of Ayurveda.

With reasonable classes aptly repaid with hypothetical classes, we assist our students with getting the center embodiment of Ayurveda with yoga and other proactive tasks. This course assists our students with understanding the idea and basics of Ayurveda offering them an establishment to upgrade their insight about Ayurveda. This fundamental course is an embodiment of throughout the entire other term course presented at our Centre for the students from India and abroad.

Yoga Course
Yoga Course

How To Reach Us?

By Flight : The nearest airport is situated in Dehradun known as Jolly Grant Airport. You can book a taxi from the Airport to Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala in Rishikesh.

By Train : There are regular trains to Rishikesh railway station from the whole country. Haridwar is only 25 km far from rishikesh so if you can't find any trains to rishikesh then you can take the train to the haridwar.

By Bus : There are regular busses to Rishikesh from all states surrounding Uttarakhand. volvo bus services are also available to Rishikesh by delhi and lucknow. You can book both government and private busses to reach rishikesh.

By Own Vehicle : Rishikesh is well connected by the roads and highways, so there will be no problem to reach rishikesh by own car or taxi.

Our Testimonials


I joined the basic Ayurvedic course to learn about various herbs and therapies that I can implement for myself and my family members, and it's worth it because after completing my course from Kasturi Ayurveda centre, I can quickly treat the daily health problems of my family with the help of Ayurveda.

Dianna Calvente

Ayurveda means medicine from nature. It showed me the path of how can I take care of my body, mind, and inner self with the help of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. Ayurveda is a blessing for humans, and using natural remedies is an ancient method to fight different diseases. So trust in mother nature and feel the magic of Ayurveda.

jack Henry

Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala is a very peaceful place; a sense of calm saturates the centre. The therapists genuinely are gifted in the art of healing. The staff was kind and generous.

Danial jackman

I have quite recently completed my Ayurveda yoga session at Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala Rishikesh, and I am exceptionally glad and satisfied with my experience. I would energetically prescribe this Ayurvedic Centre to any individual who needs quality instruction of yoga! I feel the course is reasonable for every individual who needs to dive further into Ayurveda, yoga asanas, yoga theory and yoga instructing.

Alison Hayward

I am so happy and grateful to have been a part of Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala as a student for one month in advance course in Ayurveda. It was an entire month of finding out with regards to Ayurveda 'The Science of Life', Yoga and Kirtan which I adored! The Yoga and Ayurveda additionally add one more part of taking care of oneself and comprehension.

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