Chronic Diseases
Asthma Ayurveda Treatment


Asthma is a disabling disease that seriously affects the quality of life, as it weakens the capacity of the lungs to fill in oxygen. Naturopathy treatment like mud therapy for asthma focuses on treating the underlying causes of asthma. It is based on some key tenets like identification of the allergens, the trigger points and their prevention. Also simultaneously improving the immune system with yoga and pranayama.

Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Centre in Rishikesh offers an effective Ayurveda treatment for asthma is provided through a comprehensive program. This includes a drug-less and non-invasive treatment through dietary modification, eliminating allergies and yoga.

Back Pain

Back pain is a health concern that most of us may have to face at some point in time. Whether it’s due to a poor sleeping position or a careless sitting posture, back pain can crop up for a variety of reasons and might as well be aggravated when left unattended. Fortunately, with the right measures, back pain can be eased, managed and even prevented at times. Ayurveda takes a holistic approach towards back pain and focuses on treating it from the root.

There are a number of Ayurvedic treatments for back pain that a person can consider while looking for solutions. Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Yogashala offers most of those treatments to individuals seeking relief from back pain.

Back Pain Ayurveda Treatment
Leucoderma Ayurveda Treatment


Leucoderma is also known by a variety of names such as Safed Daagh, Safed Kodh, Phuleri and Savitra. It is a skin-depigmenting disease that results in disfiguration of the skin. It starts with localized loss of skin’s pigmentation. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function. The disease negatively affects self-esteem, social status and ultimately, the patient’s quality of life. It appears as single or multiple depigmented patches on any part of the body.

Ayurvedic treatment for Leucoderma at Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Centre uses herbal medicines to cure the disease. Ayurveda therapies like mud therapy and Panchkarma are also used in the process as they strengthen the immune system of the body. In Mud Bath, this involves the application of a special kind of mud rich in natural salts and minerals over the entire body. A massage is done and when the clay gets dried up, it is washed off with a cleansing water bath. The Mud Bath is useful for toning up the skin by improving blood circulation.

Chronic Renal Failure

Ayurveda offers treatment for all stages of different renal problems. At the core of Ayurveda's success in treating renal problems, or any other ailment for that matter, is customization. Each patient has a unique set of Prakriti, Doshic properties and causative factors – all of which are considered before giving treatment and medicines. This level of customization makes it possible to address the disease with more accuracy.

There are effective treatments in Ayurveda for Chronic Kidney Disease and can avoid to some extent the stressful and expensive process of kidney transplant and dialysis. At Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Centre the treatment and therapies of Chronic Kidney Disease is not organ based. It takes into account the tridosha, saptadhatu and agni vichara. The line of treatment for the management of Chronic Kidney Disease as per Ayurveda is virechana, swedana, mutrapravartaka, raktaprasadaka, agni deepana and sarva dhathu poshaka, also with strict pathya- apathyas.

Chronic Renal Failure Ayurveda Treatment
Cirrhosis of Liver Ayurveda Treatment

Cirrhosis of Liver

Cirrhosis is a complication of many liver diseases. It is a chronic condition in which the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury. Scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, partially blocking the flow of blood through the liver. According to Ayurveda, most liver disorders are aggravated conditions of Pitta. Excessive bile production or a blockage in the flow of bile usually indicates high pitta, which in turn affects the agni or enzyme activities responsible for absorption, digestion and metabolism.

At Kasturi 5 Ayurveda, we are providing highly effective treatment for Liver Cirrhosis. Our treatment involves Shodana chikitsa (detoxification through Panchakarma procedures), Shamana chikitsa (Palliative researched Ayurvedic medicines) and Kayakalpa (rejuvenation). Our treatment is useful in improving the liver heath and preventing further damage. Our Ayurvedic management of liver disease also includes correct lifestyle and diet management along with use of some herbs which can effectively treat the condition.


In chronic illnesses like depression and diabetes, treatment is more than just taking medicine. A lot of the work that has to be done is with lifestyle change. So if patients are active participants in the treatment and have some choice in what they are doing, it becomes something they find much easier to do and to follow through with. Mud therapy at Kasturi 5 Ayurveda can be a great way to cure the depression and help your mind to calm yourself.

According to Ayurveda science, the mud is one of the five elements of nature having a great impact on your body as well as for your sickness. It is a very popular Ayurveda treatment that absorbs the purities of the sun and conveys them to the body. Mud bath invigorates the circulatory system by diverting the blood flow to the periphery. Furthermore, it helps in cleansing and strengthening the skin tissue.

Depression Ayurveda Treatment
Diabetes Ayurveda Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions that affects over 10% of the adult population globally. Patients with type 2 diabetes may inquire about current complementary and alternative therapies available for the treatment of their disease. Awareness of such modalities is necessary for effective patient counseling and care. Going by the ancient texts, the diabetes treatments in Ayurveda include herbal medications, Panchakarma treatment, its various processes (Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, etc.) and many more. However, the procedure opted for the treatment largely depends on the severity of the condition that the individual is facing.

If you have been looking for a place to find a suitable Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, Kasturi 5 Ayurveda in Rishikesh is the place to be at. With experienced Ayurvedic practitioners on board, we always ensured the most suitable treatment procedures based on the overall well-being of the individual undergoing the treatment.

Digestive Problem

No doubt the act of eating is life-giving. All human beings & even non – living things required food or fuel to work properly. Nowadays people are getting health conscious but as we say half knowledge is more harmful than no knowledge, people either follow the nutritious diet or lifestyle of some healthy people or just follow some diet instructions available at internet. Then, they keep complaining that they are suffering from digestion problem in spite of having a well balanced diet & lifestyle.

At Kasturi 5 Ayurveda, we make you understand that the requirement is not just the food but the correct time, quantity & quality of taking that food. Ayurveda always focuses on eating food according to the prakurti of a person as well as in right quantity at right time as the eating habits are always the major cause behind almost all the health related problems. Avoidance of junk food & non-vegetarian diet can attribute to the improvement in digestion process.

Digestive Problem Ayurveda Treatment
High Blood pressure Ayurveda Treatment

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is one of the leading risk factors for atherosclerosis, the hardening of your coronary arteries caused by plaque buildup. This condition may lead to restricted blood flow, heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle have created a situation where obesity has become common.

Ayurveda does not use the word cholesterol. It talks about the lipid tissue or Medha Dhatu. Ayurveda states that digestive health is the key to good health. The digestive fire or Agni needs to be strong to ensure the body is healthy. When Agni is weakened, then it causes an imbalance in the body’s energies or Doshas. This, in turn, affects the Medha Dhatu. Ayurvedic treatment and therapies can help you maintain cholesterol levels and help optimize good cholesterol levels. This can help in maintaining good levels of blood pressure and helps protect the blood vessels. Its multiple benefits make it a great way for helping to ensure good health.

Mental Disorder

Disease affecting the mental health are increasing rapidly in today’s stressful and competitive world. It is important to have right balance of physical and mental health to be able to lead a healthy and happy life. The concept of psychosomatic disorders or diseases that affect both the body and mind is well documented in the ancient Ayurveda science. Ayurveda produces significant results as a complementary treatment method to allopathy in disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD.

Being a holistic science, ayurveda explores the symbiotic relationship among the mind, body, soul, the senses and their workings. Ayurvedic treatment for mental disorders at Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Centre in Rishikesh aims at finding the root cause of the problem and treating it using number of strategies. Right behavior, diet, and lifestyle is very important part in Ayurvedic treatment of mental disorders.

Mental Disorder Ayurveda Treatment
Menstrual Disorder Ayurveda Treatment

Menstrual Disorder

Ayurvedic science of gynaecology accounts elaborate solutions for uterine problems. Ayurveda explains that due to poor diet, lifestyle and general health, the air, fire and water factors gets imbalanced affecting the tissues and there by cycle of menstruation and ovulation. This results into morbidity in the channels of menstruation including uterus resulting into menstrual disorders. This results into a range of symptoms of like painful menstruation, irregular menstruation, excessive or poor bleeding and so on. Irregular menstruation affects the quality of life during menstrual days, a lot of suffering and can lead to complications like painful sex, infertility, low libido, etc.

We at Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Centre, offers Ayurvedic consultation and therapies involving Ayurvedic herbs along with yoga, Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox) for the management of menstrual disorders. Its important to make necessary changes in diet and lifestyle to correct the imbalance and to arrest the progress.

Joint Problems

Joint pain is a common problem most people would experience due to wear and tear of the cartilages. It may be a pain in the knee, hip, or spine. When joint pain is chronic, then it becomes a serious problem. According to Ayurveda, joint pain occurs due to the imbalance in the functional energy or Dosha in the body, known as Vata. An imbalance in a form of Vata known as Vyanavata can cause circulation problems. As a result, the tissues fail to get nourishment. This leads to wear and tear in the joints causing severe pain.

At Kasturi 5 Ayurveda Centre, our goal of ayurvedic treatment for joint pain and other joint problems is to get rid of the symptoms like pain, tenderness, swelling, redness, stiffness etc associated with the problem by establishing the balance between Vata in body, to enable the person to perform the normal activities and to prevent further complications and recurrence.

Joint Pain Ayurveda Treatment
Sexual Disease Ayurveda Treatment

Sexual Disorder

Sexual problems remain untreated because of shame and embarrassment. For the lack of proper treatment, the problem becomes even more complicated, often causing problems in conjugal life. Ayurveda can effectively treat sexual disorders with special Rasayanas and herbs.

There is in fact an entire category of Ayurveda that deals with sexual and reproductive wellness, called Vajikarana or Vrishya chikitsa. This is one of the 8 Ayurvedic specialties or chikitsas. The Charaka Samhita provides us with valuable information on the use of various formulations and techniques that can help in the treatment of common sexual dysfunctions, including male sexual problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. Treatment requires strict adherence to Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet recommendations, but it also recommends therapies of body cleansing, such as panchakarma.


Stroke Paralysis is a common medical emergency and can happen anytime and the third leading cause of death worldwide. Stroke also known as CVA (Cardiovascular Accident) is the sudden death of some brain cells due to lack of oxygen when the blood flow to the brain is lost by blockage of an artery to the brain. It’s the most common cause of adult disability. Stroke can be correlated with the disease Pakshaghata in Ayurveda.

In spite of the various treatment modalities available in all medical streams available, Ayurveda has proved or stands to be one of the most effective treatment methodologies for the best possible recovery in Paralysis or stroke condition. At Kasturi 5 Ayurveda in Rishikesh, we offer excellent Panchakarma therapies along with oral medications for treating Paralysis. The therapies like Abhyanga swedam, Nasyam, Karna pooranam, Snehapanam, Virechanam, Shiro vasti, Sarvanga dhara (Pizhichil), Pichu, Navarakizhi, Vasti etc. are done as per the necessity and condition for about 4 – 5 weeks.

Paralysis Ayurveda Treatment
Skin Disease Ayurveda Treatment

Skin Problems

From the perspective of Ayurveda, the underlying cause of any disease or disorder in the body is an improper lifestyle and dietary choices that go against the basic nature or constitution of the individual, also known as Prakriti. Skin diseases can result from an imbalance in any of the three doshas, but it is associated more with the imbalance of the Pitta dosha or the heat element. Any activity that contributes to the aggravation of the heat element in the body can give rise to skin problems.

Kasturi 5 Ayurveda suggests to appropriately analyse the skin condition of the individual and also diagnose their food habits, lifestyle, pulse, general health, and dosha composition. The aim of Ayurvedic treatment of skin diseases is to correct the imbalance of doshas in the body, and that can be achieved with traditional therapies mentioned in classical Ayurvedic texts along with balanced diet, meditation, herbs, and daily routines.

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I joined the basic Ayurvedic course to learn about various herbs and therapies that I can implement for myself and my family members, and it's worth it because after completing my course from Kasturi Ayurveda centre, I can quickly treat the daily health problems of my family with the help of Ayurveda.

Dianna Calvente

Ayurveda means medicine from nature. It showed me the path of how can I take care of my body, mind, and inner self with the help of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. Ayurveda is a blessing for humans, and using natural remedies is an ancient method to fight different diseases. So trust in mother nature and feel the magic of Ayurveda.

jack Henry

Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala is a very peaceful place; a sense of calm saturates the centre. The therapists genuinely are gifted in the art of healing. The staff was kind and generous.

Danial jackman

I have quite recently completed my Ayurveda yoga session at Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala Rishikesh, and I am exceptionally glad and satisfied with my experience. I would energetically prescribe this Ayurvedic Centre to any individual who needs quality instruction of yoga! I feel the course is reasonable for every individual who needs to dive further into Ayurveda, yoga asanas, yoga theory and yoga instructing.

Alison Hayward

I am so happy and grateful to have been a part of Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala as a student for one month in advance course in Ayurveda. It was an entire month of finding out with regards to Ayurveda 'The Science of Life', Yoga and Kirtan which I adored! The Yoga and Ayurveda additionally add one more part of taking care of oneself and comprehension.

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