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Marma Therapeutic Certification Course

The word Marma comes from a Sanskrit word called ‘Mrin Maranae’. The Sanskrit phrase, “mriyatae asmin iti marma”, means ‘there is the likelihood of death or severe damage to health when these points are inflicted. Hence, these spots are called Marma. Marma in Sanskrit also means hidden or intimate. In Ayurveda, the oldest medical system of India, these pressure points are explicitly used to diagnose and treat diseases or generally to promote health and longevity. 

Nowadays, Marma therapy is used for massage, and acupuncture has become a regular feature in natural healing today. By definition, a Marma point is a spot on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. Marma Therapeutic course absorbs the essence of Ayurveda. It will make you more knowledgeable of the essential massage therapy of Ayurveda, along with a deep understanding of the natural way of living & the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Course Availability: Available throughout the year.

Duration: 6 Days (14 Hours).

Mode of Teaching: Offline/Online(Zoom Classes)

Eligibility: No knowledge of Ayurveda is required to join this course.

This course rewards you with a certificate after successfully completing the course.

Why Choose Our Ayurvedic Marma Therapy Course In Rishikesh?

Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala is a well-known healthcare institute in Rishikesh. We offer the best seven days Marma Therapeutic Certification Course in Rishikesh. At our Ayurveda school, willing aspirants will learn about principles of Ayurveda, the concept of Marma, examining individual body type, massage and energy methods of marma therapy, points and process of how the therapy would be done and herbal medicinal oils used in Ayurveda.

All the courses at Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala are reasonable and adequate to achieve a great level in Ayurveda. Our Ayurvedic Marma Therapy course is perfect for those looking forward to expanding their Ayurveda knowledge. It is also worthy for those who are willing to start their business in the field of therapy or looking forward to becoming a massage therapist.

Syllabus Of Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

The 107 Marma points are classified in terms of the effect on the body, thereby treating the body naturally. This course will teach basic or advanced level Marma therapy subjects. We provide appropriate theoretical and practical sessions on each subject and make our students understand the deep concepts of Marma therapy.

Theoretical Session :

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    Introduction of Ayurveda and its principles.

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    Introduction to Tridosha & Prakriti (know your body type).

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    Introduction to Seven Tissues (Dhatus) of the body.

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    Knowledge of the common Ayurvedic medicated oils.

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    Sanskrit Ayurvedic terms

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    Introduction to Marmas: Energy points of Yoga and Ayurveda

Practical Session :

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    Marmas on the Arms and Hands

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    Marmas on the Legs and Feet

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    Marmas on the Abdomen and Chest

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    Marmas on the Back and Hips

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    Marmas on the Head and Neck

Duration Study Days Free Day Graduation Price
6 Days/5 Nights (14 hrs classes) Monday - Saturday Sunday Certificate Of Marma Therapist
  • 16,500 INR (220 USD) Without food and accommodation
  • 25,000 INR (335 USD) in satvik room homestay (with food and accommodation )
  • 28,000 INR (365 USD) In Private Room (with food and accommodation)
  • 41,000 INR (550 USD) In Family Suit (with food and accommodation)

Accommodation Facilities Offered By Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala

Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala and Panchakarma centre pays attention to the needs and comfort of their students for the successful completion of an Ayurveda course. That is why we provide a clean and conducive environment, suitable lodgings, healthy and nutritious food, and other necessities required during the course duration. We take care of our students' hygiene and health and offer rooms on a shared and individual basis, depending on their preference. Here is the complete list of the accommodation offered by Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala:

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    Location near to river the Ganges

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    Spacious and airy rooms

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    Daily cleaning and sanitization of rooms and washrooms

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    Accommodation in private rooms with attached bathroom and hot shower

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    Shared rooms have a common bathroom with a hot water facility

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    Free Wifi

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    Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala library

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    Ayurvedic sattvic food three times daily

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    Herbal tea or detox juice

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    Weekend outings like sightseeing, rafting or trekking

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    Walking distance to Ganges river for evening prayers (Ganga Aarti)

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    Laundry Services (on additional charges)

Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala Accommodation

Sattvic Meal At Our Ayurveda Institute In Rishikesh

The food you get at our Ayurveda centre is prepared from fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. We prepare food in such a way that its nutrients are retained. Our chef has excellent knowledge and experience in cooking seasonal vegetables that follow the laws of nature.

You will have brown bread, muesli, cornflakes with fruits for breakfast, and in the lunch and dinner, we provide salads, vegetables, lentils, beans, rice, chapati, soups and desserts on occasions.

Sattvic Food

What's Included In Our Ayurveda Course?

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    Ayurveda theory sessions as per course schedule

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    Ayurveda practical Sessions as per course schedule

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    Certificate of Ayurveda Practitioner

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    Certificate of attendance

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    Theoretical and practical skills

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    Accompanying and supporting during time of staying in the Institute, help provided 24 Hours

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    Mala (string of beads) energised

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    Study materials

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    Ayurvedic consultation

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    2 Ayurvedic massages

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    1 Excursions in Himalaya

What's Not Included In Our Ayurveda Course?

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    Air Transfers

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    Cash Transfer for personal needs

How To Apply For Our Ayurvedic Course In Rishikesh?

To apply for our Courses in Rishikesh, you need to make your advanced course registration to reserve your seat. We have minimal seats in the Ayurveda short-term and long-term courses, so please make sure to book your seat for 1-2 months before you plan to join the classes

To get registered in Ayurveda Certification Courses, the candidate must pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 or 14,000 INR.

For your booking related inquiries, you can write us at [email protected] or can also contact us via Call or WhatsApp at +91-9690599432

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How To Reach Us?

By Flight : The nearest airport is situated in Dehradun known as Jolly Grant Airport. You can book a taxi from the Airport to Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala in Rishikesh.

By Train : There are regular trains to Rishikesh railway station from the whole country. Haridwar is only 25 km far from rishikesh so if you can't find any trains to rishikesh then you can take the train to the haridwar.

By Bus : There are regular busses to Rishikesh from all states surrounding Uttarakhand. volvo bus services are also available to Rishikesh by delhi and lucknow. You can book both government and private busses to reach rishikesh.

By Own Vehicle : Rishikesh is well connected by the roads and highways, so there will be no problem to reach rishikesh by own car or taxi.

Our Testimonials


I joined the basic Ayurvedic course to learn about various herbs and therapies that I can implement for myself and my family members, and it's worth it because after completing my course from Kasturi Ayurveda centre, I can quickly treat the daily health problems of my family with the help of Ayurveda.

Dianna Calvente

Ayurveda means medicine from nature. It showed me the path of how can I take care of my body, mind, and inner self with the help of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. Ayurveda is a blessing for humans, and using natural remedies is an ancient method to fight different diseases. So trust in mother nature and feel the magic of Ayurveda.

jack Henry

Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala is a very peaceful place; a sense of calm saturates the centre. The therapists genuinely are gifted in the art of healing. The staff was kind and generous.

Danial jackman

I have quite recently completed my Ayurveda yoga session at Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala Rishikesh, and I am exceptionally glad and satisfied with my experience. I would energetically prescribe this Ayurvedic Centre to any individual who needs quality instruction of yoga! I feel the course is reasonable for every individual who needs to dive further into Ayurveda, yoga asanas, yoga theory and yoga instructing.

Alison Hayward

I am so happy and grateful to have been a part of Kasturi5 Ayuryogsala as a student for one month in advance course in Ayurveda. It was an entire month of finding out with regards to Ayurveda 'The Science of Life', Yoga and Kirtan which I adored! The Yoga and Ayurveda additionally add one more part of taking care of oneself and comprehension.

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